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Our Services.
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TPA provides government affairs and research services, specialising in Europe and Eurasia, to private business and non-profit sectors from the United States, Europe, Africa & the Middle East. We assist clients in identifying opportunities that exist in relevant markets and we facilitate the pursuit of these opportunities through targeted outreach efforts with key stakeholders.



TPA provides timely, in-depth, client driven research on government activities, financial institutions and economic actors across Europe.

Throughout the week we issue event driven macro reports offering detailed analysis and background colour on the key political stories that are shaping the international financial markets, parsing political rhetoric from reality.


Our micro reports track developments in relation to particular economic sectors and specific legislative proposals both at national and continental level in Europe.



We provide frequent analysis on the key political and regulatory developments which impact our clients’ investment decisions. We also provide client specific bespoke research on a one-off or ongoing basis.

We analyse the timelines involved in the various regulatory processes, the key stakeholders determining the outcomes and the implications of policy makers’ decisions for market participants.



TPA utilises an extensive network of global contacts in the political, business and not-for profit sectors to provide you with the most up to date perspectives and to put you face to face with the key actors.

We design, develop and implement comprehensive outreach strategies to allow our clients to successfully engage with their key stakeholders.


This work spans a broad range of sectors & regulatory topics and ranges from short term issue specific campaigns, to medium term client relationship building work and long term strategic corporate affairs support.

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